Emotional Connection To Back Pain

Low back pain can be more than just physical and can have profound effect on your mood, and just about every other part of your life.

Chronic pain is something that interferes with every aspect of daily living leading to being depressed, anxious and irritable mood swings, and all from back pain.

Stress and pain can cause the muscles to tense up and further ratchets up the pain even more by tightening up the muscles.

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing, stretching, light walking around the block, meditation, yoga and Pilate can help ease the back pain. But the only way to rid of the constant pain is to see a deep tissue sport remedial therapist to get into the tight-knotted muscles and release it.

And i thought i might add in some interesting information on the connection between our back and emotions, which you might feel it is you or maybe not, but interesting read anyway.

Upper Back Pain

The upper back has to do with feeling the lack of emotional support; feeling significant people in your life don’t understand you or support you.

You may feel unloved or you may be holding back your love from someone. Upper back pain could also mean that you feel that somebody is always on your back. By changing a belief that you are responsible for other people’s happiness, it can relieve pain in your upper back and neck. Do things for others from your heart, not from a place of feeling you have to do it or they won’t love you.

Middle Back Pain

Emotionally speaking, pain in the middle back comes from feeling guilty about ‘stuff’ from the past.

In order to move freely into your future, you need to release the past anger and guilt and embrace your present and future with love in your heart.

Lower Back Pain

The lack of money, fear of not having enough, or fear of material loss may be the cause of your lower back bothering you. The amount of money you have has nothing to do with it. It’s the fear of lack of financial support, the fear of your own survival that amplifies the pain.

Eliminating paralyzing guilt, clearing your past from anger and transforming your fear into personal power will help you gain control, well-being and find peace of mind you may long for in your life.

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