Golfer Elbow Pain

Golfers elbow or medial epicondylitis is an overuse injury similar to tennis elbow which is on the outside of the arm, but causing pain on the inside of the elbow instead. It is sometimes known as throwers elbow or little league elbow.


The main symptoms are pain and tenderness on the bony bit on the inside of the elbow called the medial epicondyle, particularly when gripping hard with the hand. There will be general weakness in the wrist and pain will be reproduced by bending the wrist palm downwards against resistance and resisting pronation or rotating the wrist inwards.

Medial epicondylitis usually comes on gradually over time and is an uncomfortable niggle with recurrent stiffness before it develops into a painful injury causing the athlete loss of function.

In some instances a Golfer’s Elbow Brace (which is a tennis elbow brace worn on the opposite side of the elbow) may be beneficial.


Medial epicondylitis is caused by repeated wrist flexion or bending of the wrist which, particularly against resistance such playing golf. But can also occur from throwing actions and in such occupations in manual jobs such as carpentry or working in an office in front of the computer all day. It tends to occur after a period of repeated overuse.


Apply the PRICE principles of protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation when the injury is acutely painful. A cold therapy and compression wrap can be applied for 10 to 15 minutes every hour. After the first few hours this can be reduced to 3 to 4 times a day as required. Later in the rehabilitation program or if the injury becomes chronic applying heat may be more beneficial.

P – Protection. Improving your warm up routine and enhancing your form used during your sporting activity is a must. If your tennis elbow is due to an occupational activity, rethink your ergonomic setup by evaluating how your workstation may be adjusted to alleviate overuse of your forearm and elbow.

R- Rest. Resting your fingers, wrist and forearm will allow the tendons and muscles surrounding your elbow to heal. Give your elbow time to heal by foregoing activities you know are causing your tennis elbow pain and inflammation.

I – Ice Application. When tennis elbow pain arises, immediately begin to apply ice for 10 to 15 minutes several times per day. Use a thin cloth between the ice pack and your skin. Continue to apply ice as long as it relieves your pain.

C – Compression. Ease pain to your elbow by wearing a counterforce brace during activities requiring grasping or twisting arm movements, worn around your forearm and just below your elbow. These braces spread pressure throughout the arm and away from the muscle and tendon surrounding the elbow joint. Purchase one online, at a medical supply store, or your local drug store in the pharmacy aisle.

E – Elevate. It will help to ease pain and reduce swelling if you elevate your elbow several times a day, preferable when you are applying ice.

Rest is very important. Golfers elbow will not heal if it is not allowed to rest. Continuing to use the wrist may result in the injury becoming chronic which is much more difficult to treat. After 3 days apply heat and use a heat retainer or elbow support. Heat will help stimulate blood flow. A tennis elbow brace can be worn which will help by taking the strain off the tendon by applying pressure across the muscles and changing the angle of pull on the tendon and relieving tension on the painful part of the tendon.

Sports massage can help release the muscles of the forearm and reduce tension in the tendons while improving their function. Which in the long term will help to reduce the strain on the tendon at the elbow, and increase recovery time.

Hands on manual Sport Massage Therapy

A Sport Massage therapist can help you to build additional strength through hands-on manual therapy through a range of motion exercises such as:

1. Myofascial release techniques
2. Stretching of restricted structures
3. Specific strengthening of weak muscles
4. Soft tissue and joint mobilization/manipulation
5. Muscle energy

During your visit your condition will be assessed and steps taken to assist with your rehabilitation. After the session FREE muscle stretching sheets can be provided to assist with healing your injury. It is recommended that you continue these exercises at home to speed up the healing process. To book in for a session, please call Jade Tran on 0425 444 304. I hope you found the article helpful in further understanding your symptoms. Any opinions expressed within my articles/blog are from my personal perspective, not that of my Professional Associations / Educational Institutions
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