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Lymphatic Pregnancy Massage 

Come to Precision Massage Clinic and have a Lymphatic Drainage pregnancy massage if you are in your third month of pregnancy or beyond and or just had a baby. It is perfect way for getting rid of the bloating associated with early motherhood. Or you just want to get a gentle relaxing massage and have an ok from your doctor, then we are here for you.

Improve the health for mother and baby through Lymphatic Pregnancy Massage at our Precision Massage Clinic

When to get Your Prenatal Lymphatic Pregnancy Massage with Us

It is recommended to get permission from your doctor before a Prenatal lymphatic massage after your first trimester.

A gentle lymphatic pregnancy drainage massage will reduce stress hormones in your body and help you relax more by loosening your muscles. The increase in blood flow in your lymphatic system works to flush toxins from your body.

During pregnancy, having regular prenatal lymphatic drainage massages can help with:
  • Joint Pain
  • Reduce Stress Hormones
  • Flush toxins from the body
  • Insomnia
  • Sciatica
  • Leg Cramping
  • Neck Pain
  • Back pain
Expectant mother benefits greatly from lymphatic massage, as it is known to help with:
  • Depression Relief
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Headaches
  • Swelling

Lymphatic pregnancy drainage massage improves better health for you and your baby. A growing fetus always thrives better in a healthy environment. Your lymphatic system is largely responsible for creating this clean environment. It does this by boosting the body’s immunity and reducing inflammation while getting rid of harmful toxic build-up within. The lymphatic system is a complex network of organs and tissue that rids the body of toxins. The lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent way of clearing the body of accumulated contaminants. Thus, providing your baby with a healthy living space in the body.

Reason why you should have Postpartum Lymphatic Pregnancy Massage at our clinic.

Postpartum Lymphatic massage helps with:

  • Puffy face
  • Swollen legs
  • Swollen feet and ankles
  • Swollen hands and arms.

You may have thought that after your pregnancy, your swelling would go down, but all that extra fluid does not disappear overnight. Postpartum swelling can be caused by a build-up of the excess fluid that is caused by blockage in the tissues under the skin. It can also increase from the extra fluids received via IV during labor and delivery. Our lymphatic drainage massage can effectively push the fluids out from under the tissues into the bloodstream to drain properly. Once drained, the body goes into a state of healing thus allowing the swelling to go down.

Reasons for Postpartum Swelling

The excessive swelling in your ankles, feet, legs, arms and face, and your skin has some shine, you may have postpartum swelling. Postpartum swelling could be caused by the following reasons:

  • Pushing during labor
  • IV fluids during an epidural or C-section
  • An increase of the hormone progesterone leading to edema
  • Being sedentary
  • Leftover pregnancy fluids that build up during the nine months

Postpartum swelling cannot be fully avoided but some preventative methods are to drinking water to flush toxins, and light exercise.

How can Lymphatic Pregnancy Massage Helps Pre-Natal and Post Natal Mothers

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage which encourages the flow and release of lymphatic fluid. It is the ideal type of therapeutic massage which assists the body’s natural detoxification process. This type of massage is perfect for the pregnant or postnatal mother who could use some relaxation. Lymphatic Drainage can either be applied in one local area, or to the entire body. The legs, face, back or whole body can be treated, and it can assist with these types of conditions:

During pregnancy:

  • Fatigue
  • Edema (swollen legs, arms, and face)
  • To increase energy levels
  • For stress relief
  • Carpel Tunnel caused by pregnancy
  • The retention of fluid in the blood may cause temporary conditions such as swollen legs and in rare cases, carpel tunnel during your pregnancy. By using gentle massage strokes, we at Precision Massage Clinic can move the lymphatic fluid to properly drain toxins, thus reducing inflammation.
  • Reduction of cellulite

Post Natal:

  • To help speed up recovery after a c-section
  • To regulate breast milk flow to prevent Mastitis
  • To help with better lymphatic flow releasing fluid retention and swelling

The Lymphatic drainage massage is scientifically proven to be very effective, and we see the results in our clients. Get your massage today.

During your visit your condition will be assessed and steps taken to assist with your rehabilitation. After the session FREE muscle stretching sheets can be provided to assist with healing your injury. It is recommended that you continue these exercises at home to speed up the healing process. To book in for a session, please call Jade Tran on 0425 444 304. I hope you found the article helpful in further understanding your symptoms. Any opinions expressed within my articles/blog are from my personal perspective, not that of my Professional Associations / Educational Institutions
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