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The Importance Of Pre-Stretching Before A Run

The Benefits of Pre-Stretching

It is important to pre-stretch before a run, because as a runner begins his stride. With each strike of his/her foot against the pavement or grass will be causing his muscles to constrict and push together. A long, repetitive motion of this action is like a rubber band being wound several times. Once it’s wound too tight, it can eventually snap if not unfolded properly. Therefore stretching before and after a run is crucially important as it benefit the muscle as follow:

  • Stretching before running helps to warm the muscles and get them ready for work.
  • Pre-stretching can also help to lengthen the muscles and aid in a wider running stride.
  • Post-stretching helps to pull out and lengthen the muscles that have become tightly wound from running.

Target Areas for Stretching before Running

Runners are recommended to gently and carefully pull, lengthen and stretch out the muscles in their legs and arms before a run.

The major muscles that should be targeted include:

  1. The thigh muscles: The brunt of the running work will come from these muscles, so it’s important to stretch them out for a good running workout. This will include the front thigh, inner thigh and the back of the legs.
  2. The calf muscles: Very often, runners get cramps in their calf muscles if they don’t stretch properly or often enough.
  3. The lower back: Often an overlooked area, the lower back absorbs a lot of the impact from running and should be stretched out to avoid any injuries.
  4. The neck and arms: The neck and arm muscles can become very stiff from long running. Attention to these muscle areas can ensure comfort and avoid injuries if addressed.
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