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Wrist pain plays a big part in many people daily life. Thanks to smartphones, work repetitive strain injury (RSI), and computer focused work environment.

Wrist pain stems from a range of conditions, from overuse to traumatic injuries. Discomfort can also arise from long-term conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Sport massage therapist focuses on building stronger wrists, fingers, and hands. A professional sport massage therapist can help your wrist ease tension and lower inflammation. 

In the session with a Sport Massage Therapist the wrist muscles, the fascia of the neck, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm and hand is address.

Let’s explore some of the most common wrist problems, and all of the surprising benefits wrist sport massage therapy has to offer.

Common Work-Related Wrist Injuries

Wrist problems at work are more common than people realize. Just like other areas of your body, it’s essential to take good care of your wrists, hands, and fingers to avoid a painful injury at work.

Repetitive motions lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis that cause pain in your wrist and fingers. Overusing your fingers and hands during the 40-hour work week causes flare-ups that can lead to tendonitis.  

Tripping or falling can cause a wrist injury that leaves you wearing a brace. 

Carpal Tunnel

Your carpal tunnel is the passageway between your palm and your wrist. It’s made up of different bones, ligaments, and a median nerve. This nerve controls sensation in movement in your thumb and first three fingers.

Carpel tunnel syndrome occurs when your median nerve is pinched. It causes numbness, tingling, and weakness that spreads from your wrist to your fingers. Many people describe the pain as a “pins-and-needles” sensation.

Carpel tunnel syndrome is most common in people who use their hands for work. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome makes your wrist and fingers weak. The condition makes it difficult to type, write, hold things, and drive. 

With regular sport massage therapy for Carpel Tunnel symptoms, the deep tissue massage will release the tension, adhesion and trigger points of the soft tissues of the shoulder, full arm and hand.   

Sport Massages Therapist

Sport Massage therapist ease muscle tension, raise blood flow, decrease inflammation.

Sport massage therapist will reduce wrist pain caused by RSI, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. A sport massage therapy may also lessen anxiety, improve a patient’s mood, and increase grip strength.

Your wrist has eight small carpal bones that connect it to your finger bones. There are 17 muscles in the palm of your hand and 18 in your forearm that move your wrist, hand, and fingers.

Therefore, your wrist is a very dynamic area. It’s responsible for fine and gross movements. For example, you use your wrist to open a door as well as button a shirt.

Sport Massage therapist aims are to increase your wrist’s range of motion. It focuses on all of the small joints in your wrists and hands to make them stronger and more flexible.

Increasing wrist muscles and your hand’s flexibility leads to less pain and injuries. Wrist sport massage therapy can help you keep arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome away. A stronger wrist equals fewer missed days at work.

Benefits of Sport Massage Therapist for treatment of wrist pain

Let’s explore all of the surprising benefits.

  1. Improve wrist range of motion
  2. The small joints in the Wrists, Fingers and Hands become stronger and flexible
  3. Increase Grip Strength of the hands and fingers
  4. Lessen Anxiety
  5. Ease Muscles Tension
  6. Decrease Inflammations
  7. Increase Blood flow
  8. Ease Arthritis Symptoms
  9. Carpel Tunnel Symptoms is relieved through lengthening of the muscles and fascia in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hand.

Ways to prevent wrist pain

  1. Avoid keeping your wrists in the same position for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  2. Move your entire body as much and as often as you can at work.
  3. Avoid slouching, as it strains the neck and shoulders affecting your wrists and hands.
  4. Stretch your pectoral muscles several times a day by grasping your wrists behind your back and holding for 30-60 seconds.
  5. Do deep shoulder shrugs by bringing your shoulders to your ears and back down in circular motions.
  6. Massage your own arms, wrists, hands and fingers to improve your circulation.
  7. Don’t let one hand overcompensate for the other, use them evenly.
  8. Maintain the correct posture while sitting at your desk.
  9. Keep your forearms level with the keyboard while typing.
  10. Avoid bending your wrists or performing repetitive motions for long periods of time.
  11. Wearing a wrist splint while typing can ensure that your wrists remain level and relieve pressure on your median nerve.
  12. Getting regular monthly massages can help to treat neck and shoulder pain and will reduce the strain you put on your wrists at work.
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